Keynote Speaking

Gary is an executive with years of experience transforming software delivery processes at enterprises as diverse as HP and For keynote addresses, Gary presents to various audiences about the benefits and pitfalls of applying Agile and Dev-Ops principles to software development teams. Gary focuses on the two most commonly unmet business needs: time to innovation, and product reliability. In doing so, he breaks down the development and deployment process issues that block improvement. Gary examines code management and architecture, automated testing, and the deployment pipeline in order to illustrate existing inefficiencies and highlight solution strategies. His passion and experience provide the inspiration for executives to create and implement a practical, continuous improvement plan.

Executive Workshop

Gary’s executive workshops are designed to prepare C-Level and SVP-Level executives to lead the transformation of their software development processes. These workshops lead teams through a review of possible improvements and highlight the challenges of enterprise transformation. They focus on engaging management teams to coordinate and implement the cultural changes required to successfully implement DevOps principles. Participants will clarify business objectives, paint a vision for the organization, prioritize improvement efforts, and track progress.

Execution Workshop

Hands-on workshops for VPs and directors define business objectives and identify cost drivers, schedule drivers, and areas of improvement. Gary walks participants through the steps of defining and assigning concrete sprint objectives. These workshops are designed to fine tune the process of selecting and utilizing the appropriate agile tools to deliver results. Rather than prescribe processes, Gary empowers participants to discover their cost drivers and own the implementation of process improvements.


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