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White Belt

Engineering the Digital Transformation has two online White Belt Certification courses—one for leaders and one for practitioners. Both versions provide a common approach that enables people in large organizations to quickly align on their specific priorities for driving improvements. This rigorous CBT program can easily integrate with learning management systems, and used across a large organization quickly and efficiently, motivating people to further complete Green and Black Belt Certifications.

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Green Belt

Green Belt Certification is designed to motivate people to successfully apply White Belt training principles in their own organization, and as a result, eliminate waste and inefficiencies. This important next step requires documenting the impact of an improvement project where the development and delivery process is made visible, the biggest sources of waste are identified, and a change to remove said waste is implemented. A typical Green Belt improvement project lasts 4–6 months and requires a presentation of the results to peers in a workshop, where participants will review the results of their peers’ improvement projects.

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The Black Belt Certification is further demonstration that the approaches and principles of White Belt training have been used successfully to transform how software is developed in your large organization. There are two types of Black Belt Certifications. First, there is certification to ensure that people proficient in White Belt principles can certify their own Green Belts, enabling companies to be more self-sufficient. Second is to recognize larger and longer continuous improvement projects that can last years instead of months, projects you may be interested in once you complete the Green Belt Certification.

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